Shannon Wada Army

Shannon Wada, BR Photography.

Shannon Wada.

PS: This is my favorite picture ever, Lol.

- Annie.

Shannon Wada in September. We are guessing this was in between a shoot? ;)

Permission granted. 

Hey guys! Before things get ugly, we wanted to let you know that yes, we have asked Shannon Wada if we could post pictures of her and her friends and family on our tumblr, facebook & the occasional one on our twitter. We felt the need to ask her for permission since it is her life and the life of the ones around her. Luckily, she said yes. We just wanted to let you know before anybody would start judging or pointing fingers. We hope you are enjoying yourselves, xo.

- Alice & Annie.

Shannon Wada looking amazing.

Shannon Wada on Valentine’s Day.

PS: We adore this picture <3


Hello hello! This is Annie :D I am proud to say that we have been gaining new followers since we started out with our new tumblr. Me and Alice are very excited, go Wadettes! (I guess Lol) Also, I know many of you do not know who Shannon Wada is and probably just followed us because told you to ahah, once again, thank you <3 We will be giving out more information about our beautiful inspiration, Shannon Wada, on Wednesday because, by then… School will be out! Be sure to keep an eye on us for new updates. We love you dearly, xo.

- Annie.

Shannon Wada & Co. by Brittany Berggren.

Shannon Wada by Dana Patrick.

Hello hello! 

This is the First & Official army for Shannon Wada where you will find amazing pictures of her alongside her friends and family. The reason behind us creating this blog dedicated to Shannon Wada is simple: She has inspired us to start our way to our dream, which is acting. If you work hard enough you will succeed no matter where you come from, because you know where you are going. Overall, we love her. If you are slightly interested, we are also on twitter (@ShannonWadaArmy) and facebook (/ShannonWadaArmy). Feel free to follow us! Have a brilliant day, xo.

- Alice & Annie.